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Chapter V
Getting Comfortable

As the Raven’s Claw landed on Dantooine, the students found themselves on the receiving end of familiar faces: their Master Kyle Katarn and his life-companion Jan Ors.

“ Master Kyle, you’re alright!” shouted Kyra in happiness.

Kyle smiled and said:

“Thanks Kyra. Also, just call me Kyle, titles make my…” said Kyle as he was interrupted by Jan.

“Titles make your skin crawl, everybody knows about that Kyle.” Joked Jan.

“But this is no time for jokes.” Said a voice. Everybody looked behind to see the most powerful Jedi there ever was, Master Luke Skywalker. “ There is something serious happening.”

“Well, what is it Master?” asked Rosh.

“There seems to be a war that involves the rebuilt planet of Taris. Unfortunately I don’t know much so you’ll just have to go there and discover. But I do know something: the New Trade Federation is involved.” Said Luke to everyone’s shock. “Kyle, you and Jan take Rosh to Taris and find out more.”

“Alright Luke.” Said Kyle.

“Jaden, you accompany Kyra to the Space Colony and do the same.” Said Luke as Jaden nodded. “Also, there is a New Republic Cruiser waiting to pick you up and drop you on Taris.

They walked to the Hangar and all got inside the New Republic Cruiser and took off as Luke looked at them with a worried look.

Meanwhile on a place unknown, Uriel Tim'Sep, leader of the Trade Federation discussed something with his partners.

“You are crazy Uriel. Do you know what this will cause!?” shouted a Neimoidian. Uriel, a Neimodian himself answered.

“Do not worry, I have thought of the repercussions. I just hope it goes all smoothly. In the meanwhile, let’s just focus on the building of “The Torturer” ”said Uriel as he pressed a button and the screen behind showed a incomplete, planet-size like spaceship.


As the New Republic Cruiser approached the Taris Spaceport, Kyra’s preoccupation started to become bigger and bigger. Jaden noticed it and started a little talk.

“What’s the matter Kyra?” asked Jaden.

“Ah, it’s nothing.” Lied Kyra.

“Come on, you can tell me.” Said Jaden with a smile on his face.

“Well…it’s just that I only became a Jedi now and I’m already in a battle against a Great Sith Lord.” She said.

“Well, it gets off. When you notice you’re important, it will come off. I also had that feeling when I first joined the Jedi Academy. In the end, I killed a Sith Lord.” He said.

“Thanks for the relief Jaden.” Said Kyra. She got up from her chair and so did Jaden. Their faces got close as their lips locked in a passionate kiss until Kyle came in and broke it up.

“Uh, did I interrupt something?” he asked.

“No, nothing.” Said Kyra as she cleaned her lips with her finger.

“Well, I just wanted to say that we arrived. Luke instructed me to say to you to grab a fighter from the Cruiser and fly to the Space Colony.” Said Kyle

Jaden and Kyra nodded and got out of the Cruiser with Kyle, Jan and Rosh. As they went to grab the fighter, Rosh noticed they were too friendly.

Jaden and Kyra got inside a two-pilot X-Wing and and flew off. As they were almost getting there, they had another little conversation.

“Jaden?” she asked.

“What is it?” he said

“I’m sorry for kissing you.” she said with an embarrassed look on her face.

“I’m not.” He said without looking at her. She got a little confused but then she just co-piloted.

They could see the Space Colony, it was truly big, and they hoped to find out why. As they landed, some of the habitants surrounded the ship. Looks like we’ve got trouble, thought Kyra.

Some of the habitants that looked like guards took out blaster rifles and the captain shouted:

“Come on out with your hands up!”

Jaden got out first while Kyra hid and got out by behind, where no one could see her.
He put his hands up and a guard spoke to him.

“What are you doing here, low-life scum? You don’t belong here!!” he said.

Jaden simply smiled and immediately kicked the guard’s gun, making him shoot himself on the chin, laying dead. He then ignited his lightsaber and so did Kyra that just appeared but then someone hit from behind with a stungun. They then blacked out.

Kyra was the first to wake up. She looked around but what got her the most was a Neiomoidian. Jaden then woke up.

“Who are you?!” she shouted. The Neimoidian smiled.

“I am Uriel Tim’Sep, but you can call me either Milord or Emperor.” He said with a big grin in his face.” I am the leader of the New Trade Federation, and I have a partnership with the Sith…but not for long.” He then laughed.

“But why did you call yourselve Emperor?” Jaden asked. “ I mean, if you actually win this war, he would be the Emperor.”

“That’s where your mistaken young lad. You will see soon. Throw them into the dungeons!” he then shouted as the Super Battle Droids roughly threw Jaden and Kyra into the dungeons.

“Well, might as well get comfortable.”
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