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Chapter VII
A Torturing War

Shots, flying everywhere, as so where ships and fighters. That was the scenery on the space above Taris. Many fighters flew with Jaden, Kyra, Kyle, Jan, Rosh and Rose, probably for covering. Meanwhile in the Republic Cruiser, Admiral Onasi looked at the space until his Second-in-command, Marise Dodonna, talked to him.

“Admiral, do you think we can beat the Sith and their Droid Army?” she asked with a desperate tone.

“Don’t worry Dodonna, their Jedi and they have the Force with them. Although, let’s always hope for the best.” He said, changing his voice tone to a one more darker.


The blue and white Jedi Starfighter, piloted by Jaden and Kyle was doing very good. With R2 on their side, they destroyed many droid starfighters. Although, the red and white Jedi fighter containing Rosh and Rose didn’t have much luck as the R4 unit it was carrying was destroyed by a sneak blaster shot, and they lost control by some time. The yellow and white carrying Kyra and Jan quickly shot that droid starfighter with some quick shots.

“Thanks Kyra and Jan.” Rosh thanked by the comm.

“What are friends for anyways?” said Jan by the comm.

They started speeding up, in hopes to get to The Torturer soon. They soon saw something that would be a problem. One of the starfighters crashed to save their skins by trying to pass the shields. With those shields, they couldn’t enter the Hangar. Your death will be avenged, thought Jaden.

“Everyone, disperse and shoot the shield generators!” Kyle shouted in the comm.

They all nodded and went after the shields. Many soldiers gave their lives to protect them. Kyra burst a tear or two but then focused on the shields. They all shot into the shield generators, but passed quickly so the auto-turrets didn’t get them. Suddenly, with a surprise shot, Rosh and Rose shot two torpedo’s, destroying the shield generators. They then flew in to the Hangar.


Jaden and Kyle got there first and as they landed in spins, Kyle got the cockpit window open and jumped, flipping to the ground and stabbing a droid. He then Force Pushed other 3 to their dooms as they fell to Taris. Jaden got out and was followed by Kyra and Jan and soon Rosh and Rose arrived, but of the astromech droids, only R2 got out alive.

“R2, check the elevators.” Jaden said.

“Ok Jaden.” He beeped. R2 slided to the elevator controls and tried to unlock the elevator, but they were stuck.

“Oh well, we need to do it the old way.” Jan said. They started running. As expected, they found many droids and destroyed them, until they found 6 doors.

“Well, I guess it’s time to split up. Be careful and be wary of the Dark Side.” Kyle warned.

“Come one now Kyle, you’re starting to sound like Luke.” Jan joked. They then entered those doors.


Kayn and Cyrus watched on the heated space battle in the bridge as Uriel entered with his lackeys, guarded by droids, and shook hands with Kayn. Cyrus however, still looked carefully at him.

“Welcome Uriel. You already know my apprentice Cyrus, and I’m sure you’re here to watch the Space Battle.” Kayn said. His face was covered, but they just knew he was grinning. Cyrus knew how his face was however.

“Thanks My Lord. Yes, I am here. Although, I’m afraid the meddling Jedi’s have entered.” Uriel said.

“Hmm, I see. I’m afraid I must go. The Jedi shall know where I will wind up.” Kayn said as he slowly left the bridge while Cyrus grinned.


It was all dark, but they could hear Kayn’s voice over and over always saying “You’re not going to get out of here alive!” and then laughing. They all knew it was a maze, so they used their Force senses to show them the way. Luckily, Jan winded up with Kyle not so long after they got into the doors, so she had orientation. Suddenly, the lights came back in and Kayn’s voice was nowhere to be heard. Rosh was walking when three droids appeared. He easily dispatched of one droid with the Force, bolting him with a stroke of stunning Lightning, short-circuiting their circuits. They all eventually got got out of there, destroying droid by droid. When they gathered, Rosh said to himself:

Strange, this seemed very easy. There’s something fishy here, he thought.

They got on the elevator, that suddenly started working. R2 was there.

“Thank you R2!” Jaden thanked.

“You’re welcome.” He whistled.


When the elevator reached the bridge, they all entered a room, it had some sort of stairs. They walked it up, when the door opened by itself. Inside was Cyrus and Uriel, guarded by several Battle Droids.

“Welcome. I see you have found us. But now, you must die!” said Uriel, pointing at them for his droids to attack, but some of them attacked Cyrus! He quickly ignited his double-bladed lightsaber, deflected the blasts and destroyed them with a bolt of Force Lightning. He then turned to Uriel, jumped to the air, flipping to his back, and stabbed him in the body, leaving him to die. Jaden, Kyra, Rosh, Kyle and Rose all ignited their lightsabers, but noticing the droids coming from behind, Kyle Force pulled the droids in the bridge to the room with the stairs and said for Jan and Rose to assist him, and they did. He then Force closed the door.

“May the Force be with you my apprentices.” He said before rushing to the droid with his saber, screaming.


Luke meditated on the Massassi Temple. He knew he had to intervene. He grabbed a X-Wing and flew all the way to Tarisian space to aid them.


Before engaging in battle, Cyrus took out another double-bladed lightsaber, also red, and maneuvered them in ways almost impossible, a dual double-bladed lightsaber wielder! They awed in amazement but snapped out of it. They started duelling, swing after swing, slash after slash, Force power after another. It was a very balanced duel with many amazing athletics. Rosh jointed his lightsabers and threw them using the Force, but Cyrus back flipped over them. Rosh then stopped them, and launched them back, but he amazingly flipped to the front over them, once again. Rosh caught his sabers and holstered one and they started duelling once again. Orange, yellow, purple and lots of red sparks flew over the place. Rosh swung but he jumped and flipped to his back, and cut Rosh’s cybernetic arm by luck. He screamed in pain as he fell to the ground. Kyra fought Cyrus in the amazing duel of double-bladed lightsabers while Jaden tried to make Rosh’s pain a little less agonizing. She rolled her lightsaber in different ways, trying to get an opening, hoping to slash him. She eventually did it, but he quickly got up, jumped and flipped once again, this time Force Choking her and slamming her to the ground, hard. Jaden got up and stared in Cyrus’s eyes. They were dark and he could see the hatred in him. Jaden ignited his lightsaber, even though he was disadvantaged. Cyrus however, holstered one of his double-bladed lightsaber and one half of the other. It was now a one-on-one epic battle. Jaden swung hard at Cyrus’ arm, but he blocked. Cyrus now jumped, and left a Force Explosion but Jaden stabbed the ground and grabbed his lightsaber tight, trying to not get hit by it. He succeeded, and quickly rolled, stabbing Cyrus’s thigh. He screamed but then choked Jaden and threw him. Jaden stopped it with his legs, and ran to him, slashing Cyrus, leaving a painful cut on Cyrus’s right arm. Suddenly, a lifeless Uriel grabbed a blaster and shot Cyrus in his back, leaving him defenceless. Rosh got out both of his lightsabers and cut his thighs off, followed by a double-saber throw by Kyra, cutting off his hands and then Jaden grabbed his lightsaber and delivered the final stroke, cutting off Cyrus’s head with Jaden’s orange and Cyrus’s red lightsabers. After a harsh battle, the apprentice of Kayn was no more. He could feel it for they had a bond, and now, that bond was broken. Jaden crawled to the lifeless Uriel and questioned him.

“Where is Kayn?” he asked.

Uriel spit some blood and then answered him.

“He…went to the planet…of Mustafar…although…he will be…in the dimension…of Oblivion…here, take this…get in the place where Darth Vader was born and say…Family…” said Uriel handing Jaden a lightdagger. Then, in his final breath he cursed Kayn, and died.

Suddenly, Cyrus’s voice started talking. They all noticed his head was talking.

“Here Jedi, come here.” He said. Jaden went there, and in an attempt to redeem himself, Cyrus revealed Kayn’s true appearance to Jaden, and died away saying Thank You.

The door opened and Kyle, Jan and Rose got in.

“Well, looks like we missed the whole party.” Kyle joked. “So my apprentices, where did Kayn go?”

“Kayn went to the planet of Mustafar. I must hold this lightdagger ignited in the place of Darth Vader’s birth, and then enter the dimension of Oblivion and kill Kayn. Although I don’t know where that may be.” He said.

“Although I know.” Said a voice. It was Luke.

He explained them, and they all set the Torturer do self-destruct mode, and got out, finally destroying the Trade Federation and winning the war. They came back to the Republic Cruiser where Admiral Onasi and Second-in-Command Marise Dodonna thanked them. There was still Mustafar and Kayn left. Luke then encouraged everyone with the following words.

“Now, May The Force Be With Us All.”
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