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Chapter VIII
The Beginning of the End

The Republic Cruiser got nearer to Mustafar. While Rosh rested after the medical bay droid made him a new arm: mechanical by the inside, human by the outside, Jaden and Kyra shared another conversation.

“Hi Kyra, how are you doing?” Jaden asked.

“Well, a little roughed up, but, no serious things.” She answered.

“That’s good to know. I see you now understand what I told you back then, haven’t you?”

“Yes Jaden, and for that, I thank you.” Said Kyra. She then grabbed his face and kissed him, and so did he. They kissed each other for a minute, but then Luke entered the room.

“No need to worry, the New Jedi Order doesn’t prohibit love.” He relieved them. “I just wanted to say that you should come to the bridge. I have something for you.”

They nodded and followed Luke to the bridge. They looked at Rosh and traded smiles.

“So Rosh, finally got a good replacement arm, eh?” Kyle joked.

“Yeah Kyle, now let’s hear Luke.” Rosh said.

They all turned their attention to Luke and his speech.

“We are near Mustafar. Before we get there I have to say some things. First: I will accompany the young Jedi and Kyle to Mustafar.”

Everyone awed in amazement. Luke would accompany them, and probably fight!

“Second: young Rose Vao has decided to join the Jedi Order and is now a Padawan.” Everyone clapped hands. “Also, for her great performance in the Tarisian War, I have promoted Kyra Zerp to Jedi Knight, congratulations.” Jaden and Rosh smiled and clapped hands. “That is all.”

And may the Force be with us all
, he thought.


A few minutes later, they arrived at their destination, Mustafar. Shortly after, Jaden, Kyle, Rosh, Kyra, Rose and Luke got out. He leaded them for a while and shortly arrived at the place of Darth Vader’s birth.

“Are you sure this is it?” Kyle asked. “Looks pretty blank to me.”

“Don’t worry Kyle, the Force tells me it is.” Said Luke. He nodded to Jaden. He got the lightdagger out and ignited it. It had a white and silver blade. He then shouted the word “Family” and suddenly, a huge rock got out of the ground, followed by the opening of a fiery portal inside it. They all entered and Jaden was the last one in. They had entered the world of Oblivion. A fiery lava dimension. And the most of it all, a giant tower in the middle of the dimension.

“I guess that’s where Kayn is hiding.” Jaden said.

They saw a bridge, but Luke could sense there was a huge gap on it.

“Anybody up for a good jump?” Kyle joked, also knowing about the gap.

They all boosted their speed with the Force, ran, and jumped right on the end of the bridge from there. Unfortunately, Rose didn’t jump high enough and fell, but Rosh quickly grabbed her hand and Force Pushed her up. She thanked him and they continued. Soon, they arrived at the Tower. They got inside, and there where nasty creatures. Although they were strong, none of them resisted the Force and the lightsaber. They started “climbing” the tower, getting into rooms and such. On the first floor of the tower, they found three robed beast-like Dark Jedi with red lightsabers.

“We are the Dremrao, followers of Master Kayn, and you shall not pass!” shouted one of them in their language. Surprisingly, Jaden was the only one that could hear them. Luke ignited his green lightsaber, and Force Pushed them to the spiky ledges. One of them was caught off-guard and fell to his doom, burned by the fire tower that “fed” Kayn and kept the Oblivion Dimension alive. The other was pushed against a wall, and broke his spine, falling dead. Only one remained, and he was barely scratched. He ran at Luke and swung, but he blocked with his emerald-green like blade. He swung at the Dremrao, but missed, The creature punched him and sent a bolt of lightning, but he flipped over them and stabbed his saber onto the Dremrao’s head, killing him. They then continued on with the Tower.


Eventually, they reached the top floor. The initial ground was made of flesh, and the initial stairs of bones. They climbed them, and then the flesh-made stairs again. They all saw something. A stone. Jaden touched it and grabbed it. Suddenly all went blank and they all were confronted by Darth Kayn on the top of the Tower.

“So, it appears you have found me. Well, we should begin the battle that will determine the fate of the Galaxy in the Battle for balance between Good and Evil!” said Kayn, uncloaking himself, and revealing his true form. He had a red and black spiky armor and his helmet resembled the head of a Kraith Dragon and ignited his blood red lightsaber. They also ignited their lightsabers and initiated the fight that would determine the fate of the Galaxy for years to come!
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