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Chapter IX
The Last Stand

Luke and Kyle stepped in. They warned them not to disturb, for Kayn was very powerful. The armoured and menacing Kayn saw Luke and Kyle both igniting their lightsabers.

“Two against one?” Now that’s unfair.” He said, taking out another lightsaber and igniting it. “Now it’s better.”


Kyle and Luke ran to Kayn. They both swung simultaneously, but he stepped back, evading the blow. Now it was Kayn’s turn. He rushed at them and jumped and flipped, using his two lightsabers to slash them, although they stepped back also. They duelled for a little bit, green, blue and red sparks flying all over and spreading into the lava. Kyle ran at Kayn but he Force choked Kyle and slammed him into the ground. Then he electrified Luke with such strength, he got knocked out. Jaden, Rosh, Kyra and Rose ignited their lightsabers. Rose was the first to run to him. He easily knocked her out into Rosh with a brutal Force Push. Kyra spun around with her lightsaber in many ways, trying to cut Kayn off but he always blocked, and then sneakily grabbed her and drained her Force power! Jaden quickly cut him off, and swung at his arm, cutting it off. Jaden saw flesh, human. He awed a second and then recovered while Kayn screamed in pain. He got up and ran. He swung at Jaden horizontally but Jaden jumped. Jaden swung once again but Kayn ducked and punched him with strength in his stomach and Force pushed him off. He then grabbed Luke’s and Kyle’s necks, choking them with the Force.

“I longed for this moment very time. I shall be the most powerful Sith in the whole universe!” he shouted, adding Force Lightning, a deadly combination. Luke and Kyle screamed for a while until Jaden got up. He then ran at an unexpected Kayn, and plunged his lightsaber onto his chest, piercing the armor and Kayn’s body. He fell to the ground.


Jaden was tired, but he was glad. The war was over, they had won. Then, in a human voice, Kayn asked Jaden to take his mask off. Jaden crawled there and took the mask off. Kayn was a human, brown hair with a beard and blue eyes. But suddenly, the face and body of a young man turned into of a old, corrupted man.

“Thank you Jaden. You released me of my curse…grandson.” Kayn said.

Jaden awed in amazement. It was his grandfather, and he thought he was dead long ago!

“I put this armour once when I was Lorgren Korr, The Gray Jedi…and it consumed me as a young man…but now my time has come. Goodbye my grandson…and May the Force be with you.” He said, dying. Jaden cried and hugged his dead grandfather.


Suddenly, the world of Oblivion started to fall. It all turned white like when they confronted Lorgren, but now, they were back on Mustafar, Jaden with his grandfather on his arms. He digged a tomb and gave him a funeral. They got back on the Republic Cruiser, victory was claimed! The next day on Coruscant, there was a huge party where everyone celebrated the victory over the Sith. Jaden, Luke and Kyle all looked behind and saw Morgan Katarn, Cyrus and Lorgren with their Jedi Robes all smiling. Jaden then got to Kyra and they kissed as fireworks came off. It was truly a day of commemoration.


These Jedi were not mere Jedi Knights. They were saviours, known galaxy-wide. They were Jedi Heroes. Evil is defeated when good men do something, and that was what happened. The Galaxy was safe again for many years, but there is always evil lurking and good men willing to put away. The Force is the flow of lives, but also of deaths. Above of all, they were Jedi Heroes, and had the Force with them.

And the Force is everything.


The End
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