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Originally Posted by Nick_Virago
Totally agree, except for Companeros, I never liked it too much. Hey King_Dando one question: is there any site qhere I can get the piano sheets for the soundtrack? I checked your site but I only found guitar tabs. And there's this other site with only two sheets in "really really REALLY easy piano" version.
Hey, the only ones I have found are the ones James has already mentioned. Since I can only read sheet music at a basic level, play simple melodies on a piano with my right hand, and chords with my left (one or the other, rarely both ) despite the fact I know where the notes are, I myself haven't had much use for sheet music, and haven't looked at it further. You could always try looking for programs that transcribe songs for you into scores, although the only one I've heard of is Sibelius, and that probably would cost you, alot. Still there may be freeware in existance which gets the job done good enough.

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