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Taking heed to Smon's reply, Mayhem maximised her yahoo page, and with a deep breath ... she opened the link.

"Hey You!" her mother called from another room.

Mayhem flipped her head in her mom's voice's direction, "I have a real name ya knwo-ahh! oh shee--"

Her computer screen glowed a strong but soft white. And like that, the world around her, namely her room, faded away in the blinding white. She felt as if she was falling...And like that, she just stopped. Mayhem was utterly confuzzled. She was in a... where was she? It was white and featureless, like floating in a pool of milk, just that it didn't smell so bad. And off in the distance, she saw Smon, Jimmy, Avery, Pyramid, Pyro and Mashi, "...So she really IS a catgirl.."

Just then, a familiar sultry, disembodied voice thundered, "hello ther mayhem, this is the voice of the Rapid Transit System. I can take on other voices to--"

"JOHNNY DEPP!" Mayhem pleaded.

"Fine," The RTS spoke in his voice, "This is cyberspace, and you got here with some fancy device with a really long name created by Proffesor Farnsworth. It is accesible even though the proffesor is from a different dimension as all the websites in the world, even from other dimensions are interconnected. You just cant access the ones from alternate dimensions as they are deep-web sites to us. Look deep-web up on wikipedia, I dont feel like it. Anyway, everyone here has gotten the PM, and as soon as you can all get it together we should be able to teleport you to whereever you are needed."

But Mayhem wasn't listening, she was too busy chatting it up at this point.
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