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This code in G_SayTo doesn't really work and it is kinda pointless to disable chat, it would make more sense to write something better that disables the voice chat instead.

if (g_gametype.integer == GT_SIEGE &&
		ent->client && (ent->client->tempSpectate >= level.time || ent->client->sess.sessionTeam == TEAM_SPECTATOR) &&
		other->client->sess.sessionTeam != TEAM_SPECTATOR &&
		other->client->tempSpectate < level.time)
	{ //siege temp spectators should not communicate to ingame players
if you still use the base method of voice_cmd add this in Cmd_VoiceCommand_f:

	if ( g_gametype.integer == GT_SIEGE && 
			ent->client->tempSpectate >= level.time ) {
otherwise add it to G_Voice.

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