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I kept some of these words, like Catch-22, Chiwawa, Robert Frost.... and I will make notes for them, out of the game.

But word like Thunder Boy or Tails Of Two Kittie seems too hard to explain, and if I explain too much, then some of our guys may not find it funny any more, so I have to replace them with local names


I still don't have an idea why them call "picking up people from Land Of Living" as "POISONING"? Is it because some of the Gazpacho is poisonous and kill them all? I have no good translation of this word but only a transliteration: "泊圣灵" (if you have a chinese font you can see it). It pronounces "Bo-Sheng-Ling" in Chinese, meaning "shipping then landing(Bo) good(Sheng) souls(Ling)", I wonder if this is what "POISONING" means.........
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