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Fog of war should prevent new units coming out of hyperspace from showing up on enemy mini-map until they are actually in the enemy line of sight. (In skirmish at least)

Reasoning (What will this fix?):
This will fix two things. First, for example when I bring in a Capitol ship on my side of the map to set up an ambush, the enemy will not see it enter the map and will therefore be surprised. Secondly (and more importantly) there is an exploit for the Empirial hypervelocity gun caused in part by this 'omnicient mini-map'. When MonCals and Ackbar are entering the map, they can be killed by one shot of the hyper gun if they are targeted while they are still entering the map. If the minimap thing was fixed, there MAY still be time to kill those units, but without that crucial advanced warning it would be much harder to pull it off. Currently, I know there are some players that completely focus on this exploit (especially on custom maps that start out at tech 5).


Change the font in the online screens so that the small L and big i don't look the same. (and any other characters that look alike if there are any)

Reasoning (what this will fix):
This will prevent people from spoofing other people's names and then spamming the lobby so that everyone is mad at the real person.

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