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Originally Posted by matt--
I wish I could show some of the cool Xgl effects, but a jpeg can only handle so much.

jmac - the second desktop you posted, what window manager is that and where'd you find those sweet widgets? I was thinking recently that I might find a replacement for conky.

It's GNOME. They're not really widgets per se though, as they're already part of GNOME (I forget what they're called, my Linux box is without a monitor right now). Actually, everything on my Linux box was all part of the default install of Ubuntu 6.06 except for the window theme and icons.

I also took the liberty of finding an image of (some of) the Xgl effects you were referring to:

@matt-- I thought you were referring to my other desktop (I've posted quite a few variations in this thread), but if you were referring to the one with the one with the volume control widgets and such, that's actually Windows XP with ObjectDesktop and ObjectDock installed.

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