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"Hey, wait up for me you guys!" Mayhem yelled as she saw someof her friends fade away. Pouting, Mayhem checked her backpack quickly, "Kay, katana, dagger, glock, spitting-hydra from R&C, ammo, 5 medpacks, hmm...I should bring a laptop if we need to get somewhere on the go..." And so she did. But that didn't mean she knew how to teleport.

"Need some help?" The disembodied voice teased. Before Mayhem could snap back though, she felt the world give way beneath her feet, ("Hurry up Jimmy!") and a large room full of computers and Pnauts memorobilia faded into view. She stumbled before she fully realized where she was. DF studios!!!

"You're finally here," Avery said. Mayhem nodded and looked around,

"Is this everyone so far? Shouldn't there be more people here?"

Avery shrugged, "Some poeple dont bother to check their PM's. Who's still missing anyways?"

Mayhem counted on her fingers, "Well, Smon is missing and Jimmy is on his way...someone's coming"

"Who's there?" a strange voice asked, Mayhem craned her head and saw a redheaded man who looked alot like Fred stare back. "Are...are you supposed to be our fans?"

"yup" Avery nodded. The man groaned, "We have a sexy pandagirl and a vampire..elf...thing...but we still need more"

At that, Avery reached for her sword, and Mayhem bared her teeth,"I'M NOT A VAMPIRE! It just happens that us elves have pointy teeth, kay? Ande besides, some other people are on the way"

The man shrugged, "If thas' what ya say. My name's Manny, see? your's?"

"Avery," Avery grumbled.

"Call me Mayhem," the elfgirl said.

"Your plan?" Manny asked tartly, "Do you have one?"

"Hmm?" Avery turned "Oh, Smon is working on it. So far we have 'Step 1:Find the Weinermobile, Step and Step 3:Stop Anti-Tim.'

Manny sighed and slapped his forehead with his palm, "...great, wayda go, Tim...ya know, if you needed help planning this out, you coulda PMed Tim for intel and help and stuff."

That called for a chibi-moment.

(St Jimmy and ja'll better hurry up, this Manny d00dR is a jerk!)
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