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[FIN] Never Trust a Hutt: Travels of Kavar Part 1

Travels of Kavar
Part 1
Never trust a Hutt

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Chapter 1

Nurka the Hutt was having a very good day. He half closed his eyes, smiling in satisfaction. Two smugglers had arrived with their illegal cargo today, a new bounty hunter had been roped into his service, and 6 new dancers and musicians had shown up hoping for a better life in his palace. Oh, they would get a better life all right. Nurka chuckled to himself. The new Twi'lek dancers danced across the room as the Biths played their exotic instruments to Nurkas favorite tune, and bounty hunters chatted darkly in the corners.

Perhaps the Tawahi sector was not going to be so bad after all.
At first Nurka had disliked being ousted and moved halfway across Tatooine. But what did it matter, he was already ruling this sector, setting up smuggling practices, and even starting a new swoop track, (in which he got part of all winnings, of course). "Yes," he muttered in Huttese, this place is going to be all right"

Just then, as if just to spoil Nurka's fun, a tall silent Duros walked into the crime lords den. "Ahh, Karuto, you have finally come to bring some of your bad news, my loyal scout. What have you found?" the slobbering Hutt spoke in his native tongue.

"A Jedi, your greatness, a republic ship landed in the spaceport this morning. Inside was but one passenger. One that I believe to be a Jedi Knight." Karuto had been roped into the job because he was a natural at remaining unseen, and because he spoke fluent Huttese, which removed the need for a translator.

"What are his purposes for being in my domain. Jedi ruin everything. Breaking down every operation that we set up. Only the Jedi would be stupid enough to mess with a Hutt!"

"His reasons for being here are unknown, my lord." Karuto spoke timidly. "But I assure you, I will find out."

"No!" shouted Nurka "I do not want to know why he is here! Kill him quickly, before he causes any harm! Send a bounty hunter. One of our finest." Here Nurka turned and gestured towards the opposite wall where many bounty hunters were sharing news. "Oh, and make it look like an accident. I don't want the Jedi Council as an enemy."

"Yes sir" said Karuto, walking out of the room.

Nurka closed his eyes. This day was going to be more difficult than he had thought. Perhaps it was time for a nap.

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