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Chapter 2

Ornic Dakeq shuffled his way through crowds of people. Humans, Grans, Niktos, Jawas, Duros, Weequay, droids (of various shapes and sizes), Humans, Dewbacks, Rontos, and even a few things that Ornic didn't recognize, Tatooine had it all. This time, however, he wasn't after any of these exotic species. Today he was after someone even more strange. A Jedi Knight. The twin suns of Tatooine beat down onto the bounty hunters head as he weaved in and out of the pedestrians, looking for a trace of a robe, a lightsaber on a belt, a hooded figure. Every once in a while he would stop, his brow furrowed in concentration as he listened to the crowds. Nothing here, he thought, and moved on.

The market place was always a great place to pick up tips on the latest bounties. Approaching an aging old man on a street corner he smiled. "Got any news for me, Remnar?"

The ancient human laughed through a wrinkled mouth. "Nothing yet, what are you looking for?"

Ornic got ready to whisper it to him when something caught his eye, or, actually, his ear. "I'm looking for a Jedi Holocron, very old, made about 2,000 years ago. Do you know where I could find something like that?" said a voice from across the street.

Ornic's large Rodian ears perked up suddenly. "Sorry, Rem, I'm going to have to go now, be back later." Ornic spoke fluently in basic, although it sounded a little strange in his Rodian voice.

He crossed the street to where the man was standing, acting uninterested. The person was a tall male, his features masked by his hood. He was wearing robes too, and a lightsaber hung from his belt loop. Ornic was no expert on Jedi, but this man looked like he fit the description.

"Thanks for the information" said the man, in a deep, slightly chilling voice. he then proceeded to walk down a few side streets and alleys, closely followed by the Rodian hunter. It was too crowded here, he needed to wait for a better time. Finally Ornics prey stopped in a deserted alleyway. The bounty hunter drew his blaster from his belt, pointed it at the robed figure's back, and yelled "Die, Jedi!", before pulling the trigger.

Immediately, a rod of red light shot from the mans hand, swinging in an arc over his head and deflecting the blaster bolt. The man's other arm shot up, and lightning arced from his finger tips, hitting Ornic full in the chest and sending him reeling, in terrible pain. The Rodian screamed, but fought his way to his feet, just in time to see the red lightsaber hurled through the air, slicing across his chest, and killing him instantly.

The battle was over in seconds. As his would-be killer collapsed, the figure clipped his short lightsaber back onto his belt, and laughed coldly. "Jedi? I am no Jedi." He pulled up his the hood of his black robes. "Can't you tell a Sith when you see one?"

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