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Chapter 3

A crowd had gathered in the marketplace. Instead of talking to each other, however, they were hardly speaking at all. For in the middle of the gathering lay the corpse of a charred Rodian. And not just any Rodian, this was the corpse of the famed bounty hunter, Ornic Dakeq! Everybody knew that he was dead, but no one knew how. No one, except for a robed figure to the back of the crowd.

"Does anyone know who the killer was?" he asked in a commanding voice, pulling back his hood.

One of the men standing near the body, probably an investigator, walked over to the Jedi. "No sir, there are no fingerprints or DNA samples to be found anywhere on the body. There is a slash mark on his chest, but there was no blood to be found, it had been cauterized! And he has electrical burns all over his body! Maybe he was just messing with something electrical, got shocked real bad, and accidentally shot himself with his blaster. Still the strangest blaster wound I've ever seen. I guess he deserved whatever happened to him, this place is better off without their type of scum. Anyway, I donít even think It was murder, don't have any idea of who did it."

"I do." said the robed man, and walked quietly away from the noisy crowd.
Master Kavar was a young Jedi Knight, 22 years old, with short, light brown hair. He had taken the path of the Jedi guardian, and excelled at physical combat. A blue lightsaber hung from his belt.

And it was time for his first mission. "Just find the sith, and kill him. Simple. Just trace his steps until I find him," he thought Kavar walked down several alleyways until he came to the site of the murder. Yes, he could feel it now, a Sith had been this way before. Kavar smiled. It was time to prove himself to the council.

Kavar knew he was close. Now he was racing down the streets, he could since a disturbance in the force, and it was getting closer. The young Jedi Knight rounded the street corner, just in time to come face to face with three bounty hunters, blasters raised at his chest.

"Nurka wants him dead boys, just shoot him quick!" The man in front said, obviously the leader.

Three blasters fired. One man fell dead. And it wasn't Kavar. Kavar had dropped to the ground at the last minute, and the third bounty hunter, trying to corner him from behind, had met an untimely death by his own allyís blaster bolt.

"You really need to watch your aim, we don't want any unneeded accidents, do we?" Kavar taunted as he jumped up from the ground, igniting his lightsaber.

"Shut up and die Schutta!" the lead bounty hunter yelled, firing randomly at the Jedi, only to have the bolts deflected by Kavar's bright blue saber.
Meanwhile the second Bounty hunter, a Twi'lek male, had snuck up behind and was attempting to decapitate Kavar with his vibroblade. Unfortunately Kavar ducked at that moment, and the Twi'lek decapitated his own partner by accident. Kavar spun around whirling his blade, and the final bounty hunter met his fate.

"Nurka, who's Nurka?" Kavar wondered, and ran down the street and out of sight.

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