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Chapter 4

The young Sith had found what he wanted at last! Dismounting off of his swoop he walked slowly through the sand dunes to the east of the city. Pulling back his hood, he observed what appeared to be a small dark hole in one of the sand dunes. Yes, that was it. He mounted his swoop bike and sped off, sending a wave of sand flying behind.


Kavar had tracked the Sith through town to the East side of the city, only to find that another person had been killed in the area and his swoop bike stolen. "So, he's left town," Kavar muttered to himself. "Then I'll just have to go after him."

In a louder voice, he yelled to the man across the street. "Can you lend me that land speeder?"

"Sorry, I can't lend it to you right now. I need it for later."

Kavar dropped something into the mans hand. "There, 5,000 credits, and it will be back by tonight."

"Um, well, I guess I could change my schedule, just a little bit." Said the man, and handed over the keys to the speeder.


Arriving at his destination, the Sith jumped off his speeder, staring at an enormous cavern, dug straight into the sand. "Ahh, a Krayt Dragon cave, I should have known it would be somewhere difficult like this." he said, drawing his short red lightsaber and going inside.

The cave was littered with bones, dead creatures, and random junk that the Krayt Dragon had dragged to its lair. But there was no Dragon inside. Not quite ready to let his guard down, the young sith continued down the dark passages, his lightsaber flooding the rooms with red light.

And there it was. In the middle of the chamber farthest in, surrounded by heaps op bones and trash, lay a small Jedi holocron. Pocketing it, the Sith smiled and began to make for the exit.

And just then, as if to ruin a so-far perfect mission, the Krayt Dragon decided to come back from it's hunting trip. Stunned by the massive size of the ferocious lizard, all he could do was hide in the shadows and wait for the right moment. Turning off his lightsaber, the robed Sith waited until the monstrous beast was within inches of him. Then he struck, leaping from his hiding place onto the Krayt Dragon's back, igniting his lightsaber in midair and stabbing it in the back repeatedly. The lizard gave a mighty lurch and threw off it's attacker, preparing to snap him in half with it's massive jaws. The young man fumbled in the sand for his lightsaber, finding it just in time. The monster struck, but he swung, slicing it in the mouth, then leaping onto its head, were he drove his lightsaber downward through it's skull, killing it instantly. The Sith checked his pocket, and finding the holocron still there, made for the exit.

As the Sith emerged into the light, he found someone already there. Kavar was standing there, next to the parked speeder. He had already taken the time to destroy the swoop bike that had been the Sith's means of transportation. "What were you doing in there, Sith? Killing Krayt Dragons for sport?"

"Retrieving an item for my master. I'm not sure we've met. I am Darth Xyrus."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Kavar." And with that, both men ignited their lightsabers and charged.

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