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Chapter 5

Blue and red blades clashed in mid air as their owners met in battle. Kavar stared into his opponents eyes for a moment, then withdrew and struck again, with a devastating blow at the knees. Xyrus blocked, then struck upwards throwing Kavar off balance. Back and forth it went, Xyrus hacking away with his lightsaber, then Kavar blocking and launching his own attacks.

Sand flew as the young Jedi leaped over the Sith's head, landing behind him and slicing at his head, only to be thrown backwards by a force push. Xyrus smiled, rushing forward and attacking Kavar, who was still on the ground. Kavar just managed to block with his lightsaber, then rolled to the side and jumped backwards, away from the relentless assault by the red blade.
Kavar centered his blade in front of his chest, preparing for the next wave of battle. However, Xyrus didn't move. Instead, he closed his eyes, and lowered his lightsaber. The Jedi prepared to rush the Sith, but was suddenly consumed by a feeling of helplessness a fear. Laughing, Xyrus opened his eyes, his hood whipped back by the wind. Kavar looked into the face of his enemy. He was human, with short unkempt hair. Streaked tattoos adorned his face above his eyebrows and on his cheeks. His eyes were a grey so dark they seemed almost black. With a grin full of hate, the Sith ignited his lightsaber and prepared to charge, new determination within him.

"Was that ...?" Kavar began to say before raising his lightsaber to meet his attacker head on, blue and red beams swirling in hypnotic patterns.

"Yes, it was. Battle meditation. Not many Jedi have ever mastered it, and even fewer Sith." Xyrus said, smiling at his demoralized opponent. "Works great, doesn't it?"

Kavar felt himself once again immersed in despair, collapsing to his knees. Xyrus raised his saber, preparing to give the killing blow. Kavar hung his head, preparing for his death. Then, came a memory. *There is always hope*, said the voice of Master Vandar in his head. *Center yourself, find your place in the force, and find peace, you will.* Kavar raised his head to his attacker, his head beginning to clear. *Swift and strong, a Jedi must be, always triumph, the light side will, if it's pupils remain strong in the force.*
Kavar looked up into his attackers eyes, his bravery restored. And as Xyrus' lightsaber came flashing down at his head, he ignited his lightsaber, swinging it to deflect the Sith's blow, then, smiling, sent a counter attack at Xyrus' chest. Confused, Xyrus, stumbled, only to be met by more of Kavar's onslaught. Relentlessly, Kavar's lightsaber fell again and again, driving Xyrus back. "Not on a true Jedi!" He yelled, swinging his lightsaber at Xyrus, then stabbing and swinging again.

Barely able to block Kavar's attacks, Xyrus retreated. "This is not over!" he screamed, leaping into the rented speeder as Kavar closed in on him.

"No!" Kavar yelled, throwing his lightsaber at the frightened Sith. But it was too late. Xyrus had stolen the speeder and was rocketing out of sight.
Kavar turned around slowly, looking for a way back to town. Then a way back to town found him. But not in the way he had wanted.

"Freeze, Jedi!" came a voice from behind, as a laser sight appeared on his back. Turning around, Kavar found himself facing at least a dozen bounty hunters.

"Yeah, that's right Jedi, you can't fight us all, we've got 16 men with guns trained on you, so you had better get in the speeder and come with us quietly. Nurka wants a word with you."

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