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Chapter 6

Kavar was led in to the throne room of Nurka the dreaded Hutt. Hands bound, with 16 guns trained on his back, all he could do was comply. For now.

Nurka laughed. Seeing things working out according to plan pleased him. "Ahh, so here is the famed Jedi. Didn't put up much of a fight did you? I was surprised, after you killed Ornic, he was my best bounty hunter." A translator droid stood between them, translating from Huttese to basic, and back again as they spoke.

"I was, otherwise distracted as your men snuck up on me." Kavar answered, deciding to hear the Hutt out. "And besides, it wasn't me who killed Ornic, the Sith Apprentice Xyrus made short work of that."

Nurka's eyes widened as the droid relayed Kavar's message. "A Sith! First Jedi, and now Sith!" Nurka paused for a moment, thinking. "Ahh, it seems I do have a use for you, Jedi. Perhaps a deal? I will let you free, and then you will bring the Sith to me. Sith tend to cause even more damage to the galaxy than the Jedi do. If you find me the Sith, I will cease hunting you. You can go free. That is my offer. Bring me the Sith, or rot here in my prison until you change your mind."

Now it was Kavar's turn to pause. "Deal, Nurka. I will bring you the Sith. Now let me free."

Nurka smiled. This was all going according to plan. "Men, show him outside and set him free!"

Then to the translator droid he told his final message for Kavar. "Do not betray me, Jedi, or I will hunt you to the edges of the galaxy. No one double crosses a Hutt!"

Kavar nodded, and was led out into the sunlight above.

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