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Chapter 9

"What?" Nurka screamed, as Republic ships descended through the atmosphere, sending down a hail of laser fire that blew enormous chunks off of his prized palace.

"Come on!" Kavar said to the amazed Xyrus, "I told you I knew how to take care of Nurka!"

"You betrayed me?" Xyrus asked, "I should have known not to trust a Jedi. You just wanted to turn me in to the Republic!"

"No, I need you to take care of Nurka's men while I disable the Hutt’s anti air craft turrets." Kavar said, smiling.

Xyrus smiled, turned around, and charged the confused bounty hunters, his short red lightsaber drawn, as Kavar disappeared from view. Nurka's men pulled out blasters and began firing, but nothing could stop the young Sith now. Blocking blasts, he leaped into the air, landing in the middle of a large group, and then spun, his lightsaber flashing as it brought swift death. Rising up from the ground, he blocked two more shots, then swung and cut down another man. Xyrus laughed, and lightning arced from his finger tips, sending another wave of mercenaries to the ground.

Nurka's men were no match for the Sith one on one, but now they were becoming more organized, forming a semi circle around Xyrus, closing him in. It was an impossible battle. The Sith cut down man after man, but more would just take their place. Quickly growing tired, he continued to fight, using Sith prowess against all odds. He couldn't win this battle alone. Then hope arrived. A blue flash of light arced through the air, and sent three mercenaries to the ground. Kavar charged through the ranks, hacking through Nurka's men as he went. "Turrets are down!", he shouted, and ran to stand side by side with Xyrus.

New strength within him, Xyrus backed up and began to concentrate. It was time for battle meditation. As the waves of enemies closed in, they felt sudden waves of fear and sadness, an in Kavar's heart, a new hope was born. Both men looked at each other, nodded, and charged, lightsabers flashing in unison as they met with the on coming attackers. Demoralized, most of the mercenaries fled at this new assault. Those who didn't were dead in seconds.

Victory was at hand.

That was when the Sith fleet came out of hyperspace.

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