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Chapter 10

On board the Republic capital ship Harbinger, Commander Valik blinked to make sure it was real. And it was. "A Sith fleet? What are they doing here!?! Turn the ship around and head for open space. Lets give them a fight to remember. Mobilize the A-wing fighters, this is about to get a lot harder!" he turned to his second in command and said in a softer voice, "Get Kavar back up here. Were going to need a Jedi around here in a minute."
Kavar stared at the sky. "Xyrus, what is the Sith fleet doing here? Did you call them?"

Xyrus turned to Kavar. "They've come to escort me back to Korriban. I guess our partnership is over."

"Not yet. Come with me, Xyrus, together we can help change the galaxy, the way you wanted, for the better! Join the Jedi, don't cause more harm! You have good in you!" Kavar looked at Xyrus, who looked confused. "There's my shuttle. Come with me. Embrace the light. The teachings of the Sith are lies, and you know it!"

As the orbital shuttle landed, Xyrus glanced at it, then at Kavar, then at the battle overhead. He looked torn for a long time, then made his answer, not sounding as sure of himself as he would have liked. "I can't. We have different paths to take. I have sworn my allegiance to the Sith. I am a Sith. I do not wish to be your enemy. But we are on different sides. I must go now, and fight with the Sith. You must go and fight with the Republic. But from now on, we are enemies. Take this to remember me by. Goodbye Kavar." And with that Xyrus tossed Kavar his lightsaber.

The Sith shuttle landed next to Xyrus, and the Sith boarded the Shuttle. "Take me to my ship." he commanded the pilot, and then took one last look at Kavar, as the door closed and the shuttle took off.

"Goodbye Xyrus." Kavar said to himself, and boarded the shuttle. "Lets go," he said to the pilot. "Time to join the battle."

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