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Chapter 11

The battle was going well for the Republic. At least until Xyrus arrived. With battle meditation turned full force against them, not even superior numbers and tactics could help them now.

"What have I missed?" asked Kavar, just arriving from the shuttle, "I take it things are going pretty badly?"

"Yes sir. It's that battle meditation, it's wrecking all of our strategies! How do we beat it?" Commander Valik looked scared. This was unusual.

Kavar thought for a moment. "I have no idea. There is a way, but I will do that only at last resort.'

"No offence meant, Jedi, but this is last resort! We've already lost two of our five cruisers, and our A wing fighter squadrons have suffered heavy casualties! We aren't going to last much longer out here!"

"All right Valik, think you can fight your way to their flagship, were going to need to pull up close for this one!" Kavar stared at the Sith flagship. "All right Xyrus, I'll give you one chance..." he whispered to himself.

Commander Valik fought off the battle meditation's effects. We have a plan now, we can do this! he thought, forcing himself to believe it. "All right men, start heading towards the enemy flagship, we haven’t lost yet! Contact the assault fighters and tell them to give us some cover here."

The Harbinger lurched, turning slightly then speeding ahead in the direction of the Sith ship. Sith fighters close in on all sides, assault fighters just barely able to hold them off. "Get some more fighters in here!" Valik yelled, "we need more cover fire!"

"Valik, we don't have any more ships, most of our fleet has already been devastated!" Kavar yelled "Just wait, all we need to do is get to Xyrus' ship!"

"Well here it is, were pulling up now!" Valik smiled, "hold on for a moment!"

Kavar looked a Valik. "Lock all turbolasers on to their bridge. But don't fire until I give the command."

The Harbinger, damaged by the hundreds of sith fighters surrounding it, surrounded by Sith warships, had reached its target. But perhaps to late. As the smaller Republic vessel pulled along side the larger Sith one, Kavar found himself staring into the eyes of Xyrus. Both men stared out the window for a long time, neither giving the order to fire.

"Turn to the light!" Kavar yelled, "Don't fire, come with me!"

Xyrus couldn't hear what Kavar was saying, but he knew exactly what it meant. He stood their, watching Kavar for a long time, then made his decision. "Fire!"

Kavar saw Xyrus make his command. And even as the first wave of laser fire rocked the hull of the Harbinger, he gave the signal. Four turbolasers fired. And the bridge of the Sith flagship exploded. The warship floated there for a second, then plummeted towards Tatooine’s surface below. Across the battlefield, Republic pilots suddenly found themselves feeling filled with new hope, and Sith pilots felt their previous morale fade. The battle meditation had ended.

On the Harbinger's bridge, Valik whooped. "Focus all laser canons on the enemy fighter craft! We may win this yet!"

Nurka the Hutt surveyed his surroundings. His palace lay in ruins, charred and broken. His men were all dead, and his servants had fled. But, for the moment, the Republic had forgotten about him. Nurka began slowly slithering across the sand, towards the exit to the palace. Perhaps he would pick up a pilot at the spaceport, find his way off this rock. Nar Shadaa would be a good place to go next. Nurka smiled. He would rebuild. At least he wasn't dead. Not yet. The Hutt looked up at the sky. Just in time to see the Sith flagship plummet from the heavens. It was the last thing the Hutt ever saw, before the starship crashed into the surface of Tatooine, burying Nurka's palace under miles of twisted metal.

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