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Chapter 12

Explosions rocked the bridge of the Harbinger as the battle raged on. Pursued, by Sith fighter craft, the Republic forces had gathered into a circle, barely managing to survive wave after wave of Sith fighters.

"Well, you know what I said about us being able to win this? Well, I was wrong." Valik told Kavar on the bridge of the Harbinger. "There's no way we can manage this. We took to many casualties early on. Unless reinforcements arrive, we're dead."

Kavar remained calm. "Reinforcements will come. Trust me. Mobilize the fighters. Let's take down their command ship, the one on the left."

The commander stared. "A full on assault would be suicide! We don't have enough fighters to pull that off!"

"We only need to keep them on the defensive for a few minutes. If we let them make the plans then the reinforcements might be too late. If we can surprise them, we might keep them confused just long enough."

"All right. Private! Contact the fighters, tell them to get into attack formations, all fighters to attack the left command ship!"

Getting the word, the entire fleet suddenly sped forward, spraying a hail of laser fire into the attacking ships. Caught off their guard, the Sith fell into disarray, and Republic fighters tore through their ranks. Explosions ripped through space as the Republic met the Sith amongst the endless stars. The Harbinger flew through the chaos, getting in close and firing on the commanding warship. It worked perfectly. But only for a minute. The Sith regrouped, firing mercilessly upon the republic cruisers, sending two blazing down to Tatooine's surface.

On board the bridge of the Harbinger, Commander Valik knew the end was near. "Got any more tricks, Jedi?"

Kavar thought for a minute. "I've got one. How much explosive material do we have on this ship?"

"Enough to cause quite a bang, what with the fuel and all. Why?"

"I've got an idea. Load it into the escape pods." Kavar frowned, his mind working. "Then prepare to launch them."

"At what?" asked Valik, confused.

"Any Sith target you can find!"

A few minutes later, still under fire from the Sith fleet, the Harbinger began a sudden advance. Leaving the main group, it made its way through the ranks of the Sith fleet, firing turbolasers. It then waited for a moment, fired its escape pods in seemingly random directions, and began a steady retreat. And, as the Harbinger retreated, it's shields failing from continued laser fire, as the Republic fleet sat on the edge of oblivion, as all hope seemed lost, the seemingly harmless escape pods connected with their targets. And the half the Sith fleet exploded in a massive fireball.

Jedi Master Vandar's reinforcements flashed out of hyperspace, readying for the oncoming battle. Instead they found only wrecked Sith fighters, as the tattered Republic forces destroyed the last of the Sith warships.

Vandar looked puzzled, then happy, as he realized that Kavar had pulled it off on his own. "More competent than I thought, this young Kavar is. Many more missions I will have for him. A great future this one has," Vandar closed his eyes, sensing with the force "Yes, very great indeed."

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