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Chapter 13

The fire crackled, as it slowly died down. Kavar sat next to the fire after the Republic's celebration on Tatooine. "Well, master Vandar, after that explosion, the rest of the Sith fleet was easy to mop up." He finished, after a long time telling his story.

"A good mind you have, young Kavar, and a good body too. Take out crime lord and Sith at same time, many Jedi could not. Much greatness I sense in you. To the council, you must go. Quickly, too your transport. I will meet you when you get their. May the force be with you, young Jedi."

"And with you, Master Vandar."

With that, Kavar left the sleeping Republic troops. He was thinking as he walked across the deserted nighttime streets of Tatooine. Thinking about the Jedi. And the Sith. Thinking about his first mission. Thinking about Xyrus mainly. There had been good in him. But the good was corrupted by the Sith. The Sith ruined everything. Kavar knew that that would be his mission. He must seek the Sith, and destroy their evils. That was his goal in life. To defend the galaxy from evil. He was a defender. A guardian.

Kavar sighed. It felt good to be getting off this sandy, corrupted planet. He got into the transport, and sat down at the controls. Then he flew off, through the endless stars of the night time sky.

[The End]

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