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Wait a second... So picking up people means that they are executing the death within them to make the food poisoning take effect? I only thought that they were picking up people's souls when their bodies already died, so the souls had to wait for their travel agent.

And besides, Chihuahua and Catch-22 are not exactly titles/names of something. Chihuahua is a mexican dog race, which you'll notice them as they're the smallest dogs in the dog list.
And Catch-22 is just a term of a situation; A problem with solutions that makes the problem itself worse. Just like you get bullied by some people in the school, and the possible solution is telling the teacher's and grown-ups about it. But still, you get blatantly more bullied by the same people since you got them justified. That's the kind of example that Catch-22 is. In Sweden, we call it "Moment 22".

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