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Administrators Complain here

I am the first one to complain, before i complain, i like to tell about me and my server, Its simple.

I am a System Administrator, jedi academy fan and a dedicated administrator. My server is a dedicated Duel server and rules are simple everything is allowed even poke and wiggle, but being STUPID is not tolerated.

My complain is that the big companies has money for everything, but not a single dollar to fix there own game called Jedi Academy.
The support is worst, never really got a good solution to my problems.
They only thing they know on support is like this.
Did you update your drives
Yes or no

Did you install directx ? Yes
Yes or no

bla bla bla ? Yes
Yes or no

bla bla bla ? Yes
Yes or no

Then try to reinstall the game AGAIN it might work
My Answer was:
I have done that too many times, i need professionel solution, i dont have time to chat.

Finally and last answer was that i never received any mail
I keep finding holes, here is an example

Seta bot_minplayers "2" <--- Works ? yes and no.
yes, it does kick the bot or bots out if 1 or 2 players join, the game, BUT try /rcon map mp/duelx or wait for the duel_fraglimit to be reached, then the bots joins the game and real human players are getting kicked.

that example was many of those bug holes that i know of.

Thank you all for reading and lets try to teamwork about getting lucasarts to fix the Jedi Academy game.
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