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Post Lowbacca Released

If someone wants Lowbacca Either for MP or SP here he is, if you'll look at this website, you'll see how he looks like, I don't say it's a good skin or anything... because I'm not sure if I'm totally done with him... If you want the skin, you can download it from when it pops up, if you want to watch some photo's of his back go to this website: Download link
or this website: Download link, it depends of what you want to see the only error i can see here is that you actually have to download the picture, it won't just pop up, I'm sorry about that guys. but if you don't wanna download the file please click here:, or here: It might also pop up here in a week or so:, you can find him here;67663 if you want to download him that is... or here:

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