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But there are others out there who actually do and think bad things because their mythological beliefs ask it of them.

And as for people using mythology as an umbrella, many of them would probably be as bad without that umbrella. But would all of them? I doubt it.

What is more is that mythology asks people not to question their beliefs (no need to come up with good arguments against gays when you have the Bible to agree with you that it's wrong.)

But I don't get it. Apparently this guy, Haggard, agreed to talk to Dawkins. Invited him to his building place worship thingy, whatever the hell you call his big brainwashing center. And when Dawkins starts demolishing your arguments, you threaten to have him arrested?? How does THAT make sense? If you don't want to talk to someone who's smarter than you, fine, but don't invite him to talk and then say I'll have you thrown in jail because I don't like you anymore.
Quite so. From what I gathered from the movie, he did not treat his "victim" unfairly. I wouldn't have made the Nazi-analogy if I was him, but I don't think Haggarts had reason to react as he did. If it was only the "your children are animals"-argument he reacted to, then it was really an unproportionate response.

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