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Manny groaned once more, "A catgirl, a lemur, and another otherwise normal dude jumping out of the DF PCs...we have to work on our target audiences...alot..."

Everyone glared daggers into Manny, who didn't seem to care a single bit. Just then, a frazzled looking woman with red hair scrambled in, "Bad or good news, take your pick, but the Weinermobile has been spotted by the docks!"

Smon cried, "To the Anti-Tim mobile!"

Did that happen? No.

Avery rolled her eyes,"We never googled one, 'member? And besides, Pyramid's still not here."

Another one of the PC screens glowed, and something leapt out. No, not Pyramid. "Ow!' Mayhem yelled as she felt a dull pain hit her back and force her to the floor. Getting up, she saw a rock with a smiley face on the ground next to her,"...Dammit, Steve's here!"

That prompted Mashi to yell, 'NOOOOOOO!!!!!!'. Mayhem threw Steve to the ground, "Well, as soon as Pyramid gets here and we kill Steve, we should find a way to the docks. Wanna split a cab?"
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