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"Right..." Manny stood around for a moment and coughed only once. "Follow me."

They walked past many cubicles, walls covered in pictures of the MOST EXCELLENT GAME and people who waved until they stopped on a great door, designed with carvings of past Schafer characters in almost a cathedral-ish style.

"Nice door," Lena said almost sarcastically. Or maybe it was. "When do we get in?"
"Um...doorbell!" Manny pushed a button on the side of the door that made a weird *didllililililDING-DOOOONG!* sound.

"IN A MINUTE! Geez." *thud* "Damn footstool." *click click* *door opening noise* "Hey, Manny...these the LFRD guys?"
"Sure is!"
"Sweet! Come on in guys, I got hot cocoa and cookies."

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