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"Um..." Tim interrupted as everyone seated their rears and helped themselves to cookies and cocoa, looking very fangirl/boy-ish prepped to SQUEE!, "We dont really know where the Anti-Tim is yet. He keeps hopping back and forth between dimensions. So far, we've only been able to use that freaky transport device that Farnsworth made to teleport to locales in our world. Without the proper tech, we can't dig up deep-web portals. The tech that can and does is very complex. Not so as C++, but our programmers would have to learn another computer language."

"So what then?" Smon asked.

Tim shrugged, eating another cookie, "But that Weinermobile would be a start. It has tracking devices, which explains how it knows where our employess are so it can terrorize them. And that tracking device would lead us straight to the bad-evil people-d00derz controlling it. And they'd be close to Anti-Tim without a doubt"

Mayhem licked her lips free of crumbs, "The Wienermobile is apperantly by the docks, according to this redhead."

Tim's eyes narrowed, "Then to the docks you must venture!"

Mashi said, " We still don't have an Anti-Tim car, and I have yet to see any cabs we can split driving through the streets from the windows."

Tim nodded, "If it's an Anti-Tim mobile you need, it's an Anti-Tim mobile you get! Manny, take them to the garage!". He tossed a set of keys to Manny.

Manny grunted and left the room, beckoning the others to follow. No one left right away, there were autographs to get. Descending down a thin elevator, the gang found themselves in a dim parking structure. manny grudgingly pointed to a car.


It. Was. Awesome! Much like the Batmobile, but with enough notable differences to prevent copyright-infringment. For example, the big DF on the doors. Or the 2HB looking all badass on the hood.

Mayhem w00ted, and pulled out a bow and a slingpack of arrows, "Tme for me to do what elves to best: shoot random things using utter proficiency with pointy sticks!"

*cue Batman action sound*
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