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The way I see it, religion is used as an excuse to commit many atrocities. Osama Bin Laden claims to be fighting for the Muslims yet the Koran does not preach Jihad, this is something Islamic terrorists twist around to try and justify their atrocities. Likewise for Christians, the Bible condemns homosexuality and the Israelites were commanded by God to slaughter those who worshipped other idols. Yet those who set out against other religions and gays and lesbians are, certainly by our modern standereds are out of touch beyond any religious beliefs they may be influenced by. The same goes for things like school shootings, people who play violent video games or watch violent films and then go on a massecre are sick to begin with. It is not the film makers or game producers who are at fault, or for when religion is said to be responsible it is not Christianity or Judism or Islam that is to blame, it is the individual or individuals who carry them out.
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