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Does anyone know of a good tutorial for UV mapping? Because if so, I'll do it myself. I have no earthly Idea how to uvmap but I'll do my best if someone can point me in the way of a good tutorial. I have the turbo tank AND I also have a robe+hood that I need to UV map for DT's Jedi pack.

On a side note: DT's Ultimate Jedi pack is amazing, seriously. The only problem is that the heads DT used are KOTOR ports. If I could model, I'd port the default JKA heads instead and re-skin them. That way it would be legal. The pack lets you customize the models completely- the head, the torso, and the legs. You can add a robe, a hood, or just a hood. The best part: it's RGB customizable! So, no two players will look the same. The problem with this is that DT up and left the JKA community, and handed this in without the robe or hood being UV mapped. (at least not with the pack I have) Everything else is done, all that remains is that small detail. Sooooo- going back to topic, I need to learn how to UV map.

So if anyone has a "UV mapping for total noobs" tutorial please let me know. (or if someone wants to do it for me I'd be exstatic!)

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