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that didnt last because i
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Originally Posted by pyrohappygirl
Whoa. Your fan BLOWS A FUSE?!?!? No WONDER the MUSH was usually down...
yeah, see, there's this big house fan. it sucks and does not improve the temperature whatsoever. when it's hot and dad is being the air conditioning conservative, we are all "AWHJAIEWGJAUIOMDVMOIA" so he just TURNS ON THE FAN

naturally, just as i tell him it will blow a fuse, it blows a fuse. internet connection lost. linksys changes our ip. modem takes a $#!@ and dies. about an hour of trying to fix the internet. another hour wondering what the hell happened to my ip. another hour of powercycling computers, routers, and modem. ages later, internet fixed, have to re-forward ports.

it kills me a little inside

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