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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
The way I see it, religion is used as an excuse to commit many atrocities.
True. In some ways. But at what point does it stop being "an excuse" and start being "a reason"?

I know everything with religions is down to interpretations.. but you could argue that the so called "extremists" are being more true to the words of the religion than the moderates. Moderates might claim they are being more true to "the spirit" of the religion... but since most of the official texts for the big relgions were written long ago, in much less forgiving and tolerant times the extremists might have a point.

The scary thing is that if the small print of the christian religion was adhered to as strictly as the muslim religion then christian countries would be almost identical to the way Iran is right now. (and iran is possibly one of the nastiest places on earth to live).

I'm all for the softhearted liberal influence that has tempered western religions and caused them to abandon a lot of their previously long held beliefs... but it almost seems like those that are true to the religion ARE the extremists... its just that the majority has decided to be more pracmatic and less faithful.


IMHO the simple solution to all the ills of religion is that religion should be an internal thing... between you and your god. It should govern how you live your live, how you strive to better yourself. It shouldn't matter if others follow the same religion or not. Unfortunately the religious teachings don't take this approach, infact some outright forbid it.

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