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Tie Fighter - Mission 11/12??

Question.. It took a long time, but I finally beat missions 1 through 10 on the original Tie Fighter. To my surprise, the credits begain to roll after the final sequence of mission 10.. Afterwards, there is no option to start mission 11; I'm under the impression that there are a total of 12 missions, according to FAQs on the web. Nowhere does it state that something special has to be completed before mission 11 is accessible, though.

Is there a patch that needs to be installed to get missions 11 and 12? Was my score not high enough to proceed? I find this hard to believe, since I never avoided a secondary goal, and I probably got 75% of all bonus goals available! Please advise, I'd like to finish out this game if possible.

Addition: One note, at the time I completed mission 10, I hadn't gotten the gold medal for Missle-Boat missions yet.. Could this have screwed me on getting to mission 11?

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