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Originally Posted by post #406
“Because I think the rule on attachments is stupid, made up by some clueless Jedi who never understood love. Yes, passion can be dangerous, but answer me this—how many Jedi would have turned to the dark side in the Mandalorian Wars if they’d been grounded in the love of those back home? How many would have destroyed planets full of families if they’d had families of their own? Yes, we need a certain detachment to do our job properly, but we need more empathy and understanding, not less, and we have failed in that more often than we like. We should be teaching Jedi how to handle the responsibilities and challenges of their relationships, not avoiding them altogether because we think those challenges are inconvenient.”
I think this is a key statement that illustrates one of the main reasons why I like this story so much. Jolee's views on how the Jedi should operate seem so much better to me. The concept of embracing and learning to deal with natural human emotions like love instead of pushing them away seems much more pragmatic and beneficial. IMHO, the Jedi Order should follow Jolee's philosophy, not one that nobody can remember the reasons for why it was put in place to begin with.

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