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Chapter X

After an hour of wandering through the seemingly endless underground tunnels filled with various deadly beasts, Ralik had finally reached his destination. He stood before the ancient Ebon Hawk at last. The ship's exterior didn't look as deteriorated as one might think, though there were clear signs of corrosion as well as old bumps. Some were from space battles, but there were some caused by explosives. It was now clear to Ralik that the ship's owner burried it here intentionally, obviously to hide the coordinates Ralik himself was looking for, or simply to keep them hidden for the right person to find.

Ralik entered the ship and started looking for the navicomputer. The ship's interior was dark and dusty and showed the same signs of corrosion as the exterior did. As he was passing through the ship's briefing room, Ralik saw two ancient droids, both long since deactivated. One of them was clearly an old Astromech droid, but Ralik didn't know what to think of the other one. It was a biped droid, holding a blaster rifle in one hand, his plating, though rusted, still showed bits of his old red color. Ralik continued towards the cockpit. He had found the Hawk's navicomputer. It was voice-locked, obviously an attempt of the owner to protect the information stored within. That protection might have been enough at the time it was placed, but today it can be easily bypassed. Ralik hacked in and retrieved the coordinates to his pad. It was time to go.

Ralik left the ship and moved for the surface, but a silhouette appeared in front of him. Jedi Master Anduil Wrynn had tracked him down.

''What do you want, Jedi?'' Ralik asked arrogantly, ''Are you another guardian of the ancient Jedi's dark secrets?''

''I am here to stop you, evil one!'' Wrynn replied in a tone filled with anger, very uncharacteristical for a Jedi Master, ''You have made a perversion of our galaxy, our great temple on Coruscant is now defiled by your perverse technology! The once glorious Jedi Temple now serves as a factory for your armor, weapons and body... upgrades!''

''Perverse!?'' Ralik was disgusted by these claims, ''We have transformed your vile, machinery-infested planet into a masterpiece of nature! Just as we will do with the rest of your galaxy! And when I return to glorious Yuuzhan'tar and assume command, the Yuuzhan Vong will be unstopable and I will lead them to their greatest victory!!''

''Not if I can help it.'' Wrynn replied and ignited his green lightsaber.

''There is nothing you can do to stop me, but you are welcome to try'' Ralik replied.

''It is said that the Ebon Hawk has information that can make a person extremely powerful and when I defeat you and learn that information, I will banish your entire race from our galaxy.'' Anduil thought to himself, he completely forgot about the danger such thoughts could bring.
Ralik took his amphistaff and assumed the battle stance. Anduil attacked.

Anduil was extremely skilled with a lightsaber, but Ralik was more than a match for him. The fight was flowing very fast, both fighters showing the best they've got. Anduil was showing an enormoous amount of anger, the Dark Side was taking over, but that didn't affect his skills yet. Ralik was fairly calm, he successfully blocked every Anduil's attack, but Anduil was just as sucessful in blocking Ralik's attacks. The victor would not be decided easily.

Wrynn was swinging his saber with great speed. He relied on swift and strong attacks. Ralik held his amphistaff with both hands, each hand was about ten centimetres apart from the middle of the staff. That way he could swing it sideways and also successfully block Wrynn's attacks that mostly went for the middle of the staff.

Wrynn swung his lightsaber at Ralik, but as before, he hit the middle of Ralik's staff, Ralik then pushed Wrynn back, turned his amphistaff diagonally and swung its left end downwards at Wrynn who, unfortunately for Ralik, managed to block it with his saber. Ralik kept pushing the staff to distract Wrynn for a moment and then he kicked him in the torso. Wrynn moved back a few steps, holding his stomach with his right hand. ''You will not defeat me, Vong.'' Wrynn rushed towards Ralik, swinging his lightsaber with only one hand.

Suddenly Ralik saw a weakness in Anduil's tactics and he immediately exploited it and knocked Anduil's saber out of his hand, after which he stabbed Anduil through his left leg. Anduil fell down, but was not about to surrender.

''I will not let such untold power fall in the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong!!'' Anduil shouted furiously, ''I shall gain that power and destroy your damned race once and for all!'' Anduil fell to the Dark Side and wasn't even aware of it. A poor end for the Jedi Master.

''You can shout about it all you want'', Ralik replied, ''but you are still going to die now!''

Anduil attempted to fry Ralik with lightning, but in his anger he forgot that the Yuuzhan Vong cannot be harmed by the Force. Ralik plunged his amphistaff into the fallen Jedi's heart, just then his eyes slowly started to turn red, just like they did in his vision. As the fallen Jedi exhaled his last breath, the expression of Ralik's face turned into a dark smile, filled with satisfaction. Ralik pulled out his amphistaff from Wrynn's body and left for the surface.

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