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As the Rebirth slowly descended to the dead planet's surface, the voice sounded once again: ''You have succeeded. Come to the throne room, we are waiting.'' Moments later Ralik landed onto the enormous structure. He looked up one last time, what remained of the Raktajorr was still slowly burning in the sky with that same bright green flame. Ralik wished it would burn forever, thus forever serving as a monument of Xerx's downfall. He gazed at the burning wreckage one more minute, then he entered the building.

He wandered through the compound for a whole hour, on his way he saw ancient armor and weapons, ancient carvings on the walls that portrayed some kind of history. From what he gathered the carvings told that a Jedi came here to confront the True Teachings, he battled with the Master of the Teachings, demonstrating both skill with the Force and with blades. After a long and difficult battle the Jedi managed to defeat and kill the Master, after that he left never to return again. The ones that survived the Jedi's visit made these carvings to serve as sources of insight to any future visitors of this place, then they left too and were never seen again. Ralik was certain that the Jedi portrayed in the carvings was Revan. After all, the voice told him that only one ship returned from this place and that ship, the Ebon Hawk, was Revan's.

As Ralik continued further through the compound, he wondered where did those survivors go and how come there are no records of this planet anywhere. He saw the training rooms, the prison, the former occupants' chambers, the meditation rooms, even the burial chambers. As old and ruined as the huge building appeared to be, it was strange that most of the lights were still working. At moments he wondered if he was only imagining that voice, this place was obviously deserted, but then he found the throne room.

As Ralik entered the throne room he saw the dark, hooded figure from his dream. What was even more strange to him, he could see right through the figure. Eight more transparent figures appeared, four of them to the left of the dark figure and four to the right, they formed a semicircle. Ralik couldn't recognize the species, but it was clear that neither of the nine was human.
Though Ralik couldn't see the dark figure's face, he could still see the figure itself more clearly. Though transparent, the robe that the figure was wearing appeared to be red with a black armor on the torso. The figure's alien hands also appeared black.

''Welcome, young one'' the dark hooded figue whispered.

''It was you'' Ralik said, ''You were the one talking to me this whole time, but who and what are you?''

''We are the spirits of the ancient Sith Lords, all except me drawn from the distant tombs they haunted for millenia to this place'' the figure replied.

''But why?'' Ralik was confused, ''For what purpose?''

''To train you'', the figure said, ''And when your training is completed you will be the most powerful Sith Lord that ever lived and eventually you will restore the Sith to their former glory.''

''But with this power I can assume command of the Yuuzhan Vong forces and destroy any who oppose me!'' Ralik said arrogantly.

''The power you wield now is but a fraction of the power you possess.Your time will come, young one'', the figure said, still whispering, ''but it is not now. You still have much to learn and we are here to teach you.''

''The True Teachings? You are talking about them?'' Ralik asked calmly. He understood his destiny at last.

''Yes, young one. The very ones.'' The figure replied.

''Very well, Master.'' Ralik replied, calmer and more satisfied than ever.
The dark figure was pleased: ''Welcome to the fold.''

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