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i had a cool battle, this was with a mod btw. it was me with an easy ai on the rebels agaisnt 2 hard imperial ai. the imps were overwhelming me with 5 ISDs and 3 VSDs and a couple of venator cruisers, they were heading to my space station when i manged to send 1 V- wing squadron in a do or die mission to the enemy base, all this time i had been saving reinforcements. then i unloaded all my reinforcements (5 venator cruisers and 4 ruscant cruisers) right on top of the space station...both sides were concentrating on the space stations and it was a race to blow it up first and i won! with 1 hardpoint left on my space station it was intense, luckily i had proton beams on my venator cruisers and managed to take down some hardpoints straight away.

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