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Exclamation I'm a new guy who needs a clan please read this if you can!!!!???!!!

I'm new to online play, and need a clan.
I don't have a name on swbf yet so just wait for that.
I'm an exelent marksman on any team gettin 50-70 kills if im having a good day, I'm also a very good soldier gettin 85, more or less depending on if I'm having a good day.
I'm also an exelent with my record kill being 20.
On swbf 2 I'll be a engineer just for the shotgun
I play either swbf 1 or 2
I don't like clans that just attack, I like strategy.
I could play on pc (don't know yet) and ps2.
contact me on forum first can't have email swarm
so thanks!!!!!!1
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