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I don't really want to describe it however its hard to explain why it is a bug:

- Play hoth until you gain the access codes
- Get the codes
- Bring them to AT-ST and get in and type this in console without the quotes but the space:
" /reconnect"
- Even though the player may not be still visible, the objective item never was told the client wasn't 'inuse'. / disconnected.

Add this to ClientDisconnect just below this line:

ent->r.contents = 0;
	if (ent->client->holdingObjectiveItem > 0)
	{ //carrying a siege objective item - make sure it updates and removes itself from us now in case this is an instant death-respawn situation
		gentity_t *objectiveItem = &g_entities[ent->client->holdingObjectiveItem];

		if (objectiveItem->inuse && objectiveItem->think)

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