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Miss Klia was going to be the "queen bee" of this project. We were talking about access and whatnot. YO KLIA! Are you still alive out here? XD I don't know what being a "queen bee" here actually means, but probably in that she will work with me on ideas/pages/content/general stuff?
Not really alive but still here. I still would love to do that with you as I have found a renewed interest in Psychonauts. Guess what happened while you were gone? My computer became so ****ed up I can't even view flash.

I do like bossing people around so that's always good.

As always, CONTENT. CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT. That's what is really needed right now. We must be artsy out of our asses that's how bad we need content in the Psychonauts community. I know a few LJ communities that will be more than happy (hopefully) to give out their content to the site.

I used to have all the memory vaults, but they all got deleted. Funny how that works out.
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