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I am so glad you're interested in conspiring with me to make Whispering Rock (first of all, it needs an alias or something. W. Rock.) the best it can be. I hope your renewed interest continues so that we can shove CONTENTx3 down the Psychonauts fandom-monster's throat. You are apparently in the "know" for LJ communities so I'll leave you to that -- my LJ username is caragirl by the way -- and I'll find a way to add the "walkthrough/cheats" to the site. Smon suggested asking someone who has already written one/written cheats for permission to use them but I have this itch to make it completely original... so perhaps I'll play through the game again. >__<

Sorry about your computer. Those things always happen when I'm not around. *sigh* Let's not talk about the memory vaults. It's depressing.

My email is but as I am leaving the state for a week (don't worry, I'll still have internet access) please use for the time being.

Thanks for wanting to do this, Klia. You're a lifesaver.

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