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Originally Posted by rccar328
Well, between Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, atheistic Communism has killed more people than any religion...
Religion has been around since ancient Egypt, so basically, for thousands of years people have been killing in the name of their god or gods. All the people in ancient China, Mesopotamia, Medieval Europe, etc.

The number of people killed by the "faithful" is no where NEAR the number killed in the name of Communism.

Plus, god flooded the world... killed everyone... right down to every last child... so yeah.

And you must not forget that Communism itself is much like a religion. Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Kim Jong-Ill, Castro; each Communist leader has established a cult of personality where they are literally worshipped like a god. Communism is not atheistic.

Originally Posted by rccar328
and you can probably throw in Hitler for good measure, too, since his "final solution" had more to do with his pseudo-Darwinian ideas of racial superiority...and add in the eugenics movement.
I'm not sure if you're serious here. Hitler was a Catholic, and feelings of racial superiority have been around forever.

Originally Posted by rccar328
Atheism certainly has done a lot of damage.
Communism has done a lot of damage. Not atheism.
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