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I don't know if anyone still checks this thread, but I'm having a rather frustrating issue with my drivers. Well my last video card burned out on me (Radeon 9700 Pro), so I had to put back in an older Radeon 9200. I know it's an older video card, but both KotOR and TSL seem to "recommend" a 9200 or higher.

Anyhow the game barely gets past 8 FPS on the main menu, and in-game the frame rate can be downright annoying. So when I looked around the net (Lucasarts, Obsidian, and of course here on Lucasforums), I noticed this problem was common. So I did what seemed to be the best solution, download a previous driver. However I must have gone through this process several times last night because KotOR simply refused to except the drivers for being new. (Check the link for a picture)

I've attempted installing the ATI 6.5 Catalyst, The Omega 6.5 Drivers and ATI 5.9 Catalyst drivers. Each one of the them was rejected for being 'outdated'. And KotOR's frame rate doesn't improve or decrease in game, it stays around the choppy eight frames.

If you notice in the picture I've downloaded the 'driver cleaner'. I've used it to clean out ATI before I installed each new driver. However not even that seems to help. Although of course I'm not exactly sure if I'm using it on the right location.

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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