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Communism is inherently atheistic - under communism, the government is essentially god. What's more, many of the deaths under the Soviets were Christians & Catholics who were killed or imprisoned for practicing their religion. Even communist China still today oppresses religious people who don't worship in the government-sanctioned churches.

As for Hitler, his Aryan racial superiority ideas were based more on his twisted interpretation of Darwinian natural selection than Catholicism. The same goes for the eugenics movement - Jews (or blacks, or gays, or gypsies, or the mentally disabled, or whomever you're prejudiced against) pollute the gene pool and should be eliminated in the interests of preserving said gene pool. Eugenics happens to be an evil interpretation of Darwinism.

The assertion that religion is evil because some religious people do evil things is inherrently flawed thinking. While there can be evil religions, religion as a whole cannot be evil. People can be evil, and evil people can twist religious scriptures, ideals, and values to get proponents of that religion to do evil things, but that does not necessarily make religion evil, because, as demonstrated by the eugenics movement, just about any ideal or belief can be twisted for evil.

Like Spider AL said, the root of all evil is self-interest. There are plenty of good religious people and plenty of evil religious people, just like there are good people who are athiests and evil people who are atheists. It's not about religion, it's about people. The fact that some religious people have turned out to be scumbags doesn't mean religion is evil, it means that those practitioners of that religion are scumbags.

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