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Communism is inherently atheistic - under communism, the government is essentially God. What's more, many of the deaths under the Soviets were Christians & Catholics who were killed or imprisoned for practicing their religion. Even communist China still today oppresses religious people who don't worship in the government-sanctioned churches.
Sad, that.

But it's still Communism that's at fault there, not Atheism.

As for Hitler, his Aryan racial superiority ideas were based more on his twisted interpretation of Darwinian natural selection than Catholicism.
Or for that matter atheism.

The same goes for the eugenics movement - Jews (or blacks, or gays, or gypsies, or the mentally disabled, or whomever you're prejudiced against) pollute the gene pool and should be eliminated in the interests of preserving said gene pool.
And none of that has to do with atheism, which simply states that there is no God (as opposed to "there's no God, so start a Nazi/Communist country killing all Christians and Jews and homosexuals you see").

National Socialism and Darwinism led to the slaughter of Jews, homosexuals, and Gypsies. Atheism did not.

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