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Also, there's been no official word of any Prequel trilogy or "ultimate" star wars boxed set. Those are for now wishful thinking by fans, since they've speculated from day one that there would be such a thing someday.

As for which version of Star Wars (1977) will come to DVD in this next release, I'm guessing it's "A New Hope" since that's the version that was prepared for home video in 1993 (the original article on mentioned the sources being from this year, so I figured it's just a LaserDisc dump of the THX "Enhanced" Trilogy to DVD, and the fact that it won't be anamorphic seems to further strengthen that understanding). The article initially mentioned the opening crawl without "Episode IV: A New Hope" (which was added in 1981, not 1980, iirc, remember the original Star Wars was released MANY TIMES in theaters, much more than any of the other movies in the series). Then they edited it out, then they added it back. So who knows.

A few fan edits of Star Wars on DVD have a menu option that let's you view the movie with each version of the opening crawl (since no home version in widescreen was released with the original opening crawl... that is, only a full frame version was released on video with the pre-ANH crawl... it had to be fan re-created, but it looks marvelous, you can see part of the original opening crawl in the "Empire of Dreams" special). is a great source of information. Anyway, I'm just curious, because I thought the Biggs rumor had finally been cleared up definitively...

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