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~I'm BACK! You can either cheer or scream 'noooooooooooooooo!!!!!'. I expect the latter. *Sniffles* I missed out on so much! I regret going now...not like I had a choice...~

Mayhem 'ha-hummed', pulling out her laptop, "The Weinermobile is dead, and what a show that was...too bad I didn't bring popcorn. You'd be amazed at the wonderful views one gets from the top of a warehouse roof...Anyway, we should report back to DF now. Or at least find one of those programs that can decript sites that are deep-web so we can teleport ourselves to the Psychonauts universe."

Pyro nodded, "Being random is still more fun, but the Psychonauts world has to be even zanier than this."

St Jimmy didn't look at all thrilled, "...My feathers will burn even more there for sure..."

Mayhem then realized, "Wait, how can we tell what universe a site is from?"

Smon did that whole mysterious chuckle, "Hehe, easy. All we have to do is look up the official Whispering Rock website. What self-respectin camp doesn't have a website?"
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