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Everyone felt all floaty as they got sucked into Smon's eternal vortex of eternal doom...and Psychonauts in his eternal fedora of eternal doom...and Psychonauts.

"Why didnt you say you could do this back with Tim!?" Mayhem realized.

And with a loud 'pop', the swirling colors of the world faded away, replaced with the scene of a very familiar camp.

"Whoa!" Mayhem gasped, "My proportions are all squished and I look all Psychonauty! Ugh...that sounded wrong..."

After a while of oohing and ahhing, the group remembered their purpose. But not for long. There were many distracting shiny things. Then...a fahreaky noise. There it went again! Everyone went into defensive mode, keeping an eye on a shivering bush.

And then...out popped a little blue kid in a red jumpsuit, "AHH! Don't hurt me! You're not with that scary lady that came here earlier, are you?"

"What?" Pyro asked, "We're not gonna hurt you...alot...maybe..."

"What scary lady?" Mayhem asked the trembly child. He regained his composure and spoke in a soft voice, "I think she called herself...Tammy Shafer or sumthing..."

"WHAT!?" everyone screamed.

The Anti-Tim was a WOMAN!
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