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I'm not so sure about command units being useless. As Darth Andrew stated, the Clone Commander can be quite devastating - and also most people seem to consider him extremely weak, I actually like the Imperial commander. Somewhat. He's certainly no extraordinary superfighter - but he has potential. I guess the main reason why I like him is his grenade launcher. I have fond memories of it's deadly power from Battlefront 1 ... and it's not really weaker in BF2. There's even a nice, if not very powerful, new twist. If you launch grenades at full power, it seems that they bounce over the ground and explode not by contact but at the end of the bounce. The grenade launcher is rather difficult to aim at longer distances - but with practice it's not that hard. With the weakened heavy trooper in BF2 I think the grenades cause nearly as much - if not a bit more - damage (though of course not for vehicles) as the rockets. And you have far more ammunition - and you can occasionally launch it safely while standing behind cover due to the angle of the shots. The commander's other abilities aren't that bad, either - though the sonic pistol is of course a) rather pitiful and b) a VERY weird choice for an imperial commander. Oh - and he could REALLY use some uniform variation (which probably applies to all the 'special units'). In my opinion his main weakness is that he seems to die rather quickly. Though I'm not so sure if it's the comparison to BF1's pilot who carried bacta tanks that creates this impression or if he has truly less hit points than regular units (probably that ).
If the rebel 'commander' unit is supposed to be the Bothan spy ... well, all I can say about that is that from an imperial perspective, this is the one unit I'm most afraid of. Of course, if you can spot them from a distance, they are harmless - but I can't count the number of times when one of those dirty little aliens just sneaked up behind me to roast - groups - of imperials. Yes ... you can roll away in time - if you are very lucky. And if you see him coming.
Bothans are primary targets for whatever weapons I happen to be holding.

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